About Us

My name is Belinda Bennett and this is Elusive Moose.

It all started with Hazel. She was born in June 2020 and brought home by my brother and sister-in-law and their family when she was six weeks old. Hazel is a dog – a cross between a Husky and a German Shepherd and a bit of Huntaway thrown in for good measure.

A year later I went to buy Hazel a beautiful collar as a first birthday gift. It needed to be pink, sparkly and made of leather. How hard can that be? Well, harder than I thought as it turns out as I couldn’t find one. They all seemed to be made of nylon with plastic fittings. So, I decided that I would make one. I didn’t have a workshop, tools, or leather! After much trial and error, I made the collar and she still wears it.

Making that gift set me on a path to start collar making for others too as I discovered that I love working with leather. A year down the track, the materials and methods I use have dramatically changed since that first collar and I am proud to show you the Elusive Moose range of leather dog collars.

Why buy Elusive Moose?

  • Expertly handcrafted with form, function and style in mind
  • Designed and made in New Zealand
  • High quality Italian vegetable tanned leather – beautiful to touch and to look at
  • Solid brass hardware – will not rust
  • Range of styles, sizes and colours to suit most dogs
  • Something a bit special – an elegant alternative to plastic collars